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Network Security

In today’s high risk environment for your physical and IT-related assets, it is critical to stay on top of all the latest pitfalls and vulnerabilities which can befall your organization and compromise security levels.

SLS Networks is focused on assisting our clients with development, testing and deployment of ALL elements of a sound IT and environmental security plan. Since we see security as a PROCESS AND NOT A PRODUCT, we offer security services to our clients, either separately or as a bundled offering. Our services can be tailored to fit any regulatory standards to which you are seeking to adhere

Network Security Policy Development Auditing:

You may have a policy ready for an upgrade; you may have no cohesive policy at all. We believe a strong policy is the backbone of the entire security plan, so frequently this is the first service we are requested to provide when working with a client towards a complete security plan.

Vulnerability Assessments:

These audits address testing for weaknesses connected to entry points in your IT environment, including PCs, routers, firewalls, servers, wireless devices and telecom devices. This hands-on audit covers analysis of web applications, firewall configurations, and servers to find weaknesses which can be exploited in an attack on the network. We can run an External Vulnerability Scan (EVS) which scans an external IP address. The EVS produces an extensive security report listing issues discovered during the analysis.

Business Continuity Planning/Testing and Auditing:

From the discovery planning process through testing of a finished Business Continuity plan, SLS Networks covers each phase of development to assist your management team in achieving the most effective Business Continuity plan.

Please contact an SLS Networks Account Manager to see how we can keep your network YOURS.

Internet Content Filtering

A Unified Approach to IT Security

Modern IT security managers are essentially required to protect against multiple attack vectors whilst ensuring optimal performance for their organization.

SLS Networks can assist you in providing immediate protection for your network, web access and email traffic. We can offer a solution that integrates security applications in one management device.

Web surfing and file downloads can put your computer and network at risk from spyware and virus infection. Furthermore, applications such as Skype, Instant Messaging and Peer-to-Peer present many new risks for the company network which circumvent established protection mechanisms. Web based threats are able to steal confidential information, disable computers, consume network capacity and drive up costs for computer support.

Moreover, employee access to inappropriate sites could potentially induce legal consequences or reduce business productivity. URL filtering and anti-virus tools only provide limited protection against these risks however. This approach requires the deployment and maintenance of multiple products, typically at the expense of time, effort and costs. With our partnered Security Gateway Web Filtering, network administrators gain a simple and effective way to:
  • Inspect all web, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer traffic. Perform fast, accurate filtering using a patent-pending content inspection framework.
  • Stop viruses and spyware. Achieve unmatched detection rates for known and unknown malware through two scan engines combined in a single product.
  • Filter web access. Grant web access through user and time settings. Set policies based on sixty easy-to-navigate categories, containing over twenty million sites. Daily updates of newly discovered websites maximize coverage.
Keep your HR department happy and keep your employees working and focused by minimizing their exposure to risk sites that could put you at risk. Call SLS Networks today and see how we can keep your employees safe and productive.

Intrusion Prevention

Security for your network against all types of attacks or malicious activities may seem like a tricky task, but with SLS networks, it’s a piece of cake. Take control of your network security by implementing our powerful solutions. Our intrusion prevention system is designed for a wide range of use cases, whether it’s protecting against external threats or protecting your employees from viruses or malware. Our well-curated intrusion prevention system protects your sensitive data from being accessed by attackers. Each business has a distinctive set of requirements, including the number of IP addresses they wish to allow access in order to stop external intrusion attempts. In addition, our security system utilizes three basic techniques, including signature-based, anomaly-based, and policy-based. Our advanced firewall software can handle up to 50,000 IP addresses. It’s simple to use and can be installed on both Windows and Linux platforms.

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