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Our Technology Advantage

SLS Networks offers the ability, using our Intelligent Management Care, to manage remote networks securely cross the Internet or any public IP network without the need to implement a VPN or open ports on your firewall keeping your IT infrastructure safe and secure. Our advanced technology works transparently across existing infrastructure and cuts down the implementation complexities and installation time.

Furthermore, we use a secure protocol in an outbound mode from inside your firewall, making it highly secured. Additional use of Certificates provides an extra-layer of protection over and above the encryption and security provided by native protocols.

Moreover, we offer a complete Life Cycle Management for IT assets like management and monitoring of desktops, servers, networks and applications. Our hosted security platform offerings bring you unmatched combination of e-mail, web and Instant Messaging protection without you having to manage any new hardware or software, protecting your network against viruses, spam, spyware, and inappropriate web usage.

Your biggest benefit would be to expect service levels equivalent to rolling out a Top-Class Enterprise Management System within your organization without having to pay for the high capital outlay.

  • Get a quick start without waiting for long implementation and training timelines.
  • Work with industry best practice and processes without having to learn them.
  • Different technology service offerings to meet your budget.
  • We offer an option for 24×7 support.

We believe you should focus on your core business, reduce cost, increase profitability, gain expertise and win new customers. After all, you need to get a leap advantage over others by using a technology currently used by the likes of Sony, LG, and Carnegie Mellon University who use it to manage their IT infrastructure in many parts of the World.

SLS Networks can offer you the same technology used by the Fortune 500 companies at a cost that will be in line with your IT budget. Give us a call today and see how we can offer you the technology to keep you productive and ahead of the curve.

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