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By using VoIP, it is possible to deploy voice communication over the Internet rather than over the common phone line. The VoIP service offers unlimited local, long distance, mobile, and international calls, or it may only allow you to call people with a telephone number. Additionally, some VoIP services only work with a computer or a special VoIP phone, while others can be used with traditional telephones connected to VoIP adapters.

Welcome to SLS networks, the finest VOIP operator in the market. We guarantee a hassle-free service at the most economical rates. We customize flexible plans to suit your specific requirements. Providing a complete VoIP telephone solution for Small Businesses as well as large enterprises from 5 to 500 users, SLS Networks offers configurations up to a Call Center edition. Also, we have vast experience in client side technology implementation and make sure your business accomplishes its goals with just the right technical support and effective systems to reach profitability.

When it comes to your voice and data, you can rely on us. With a diverse variety of service options, we are ready to supply you with flawless connections at competitive rates. Using our network, we can provide an affordable way to link sites together, upgrade both voice and data services for your entire company, and improve customer service at each location. For your business, give us a call, and we’ll help you meet all of your connectivity objectives.

From beginning to end, we will support you throughout the process. Throughout the installation, testing, and implementation of your VOIP infrastructure, we will provide you with 24/7 maintenance and support. A demo kit will be provided by our professional technical crew so that you can test out your Internet phoning before starting.

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