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In today’s fast-moving, competitive environment, you depend on your network to support your critical business applications across your Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Many organizations have a Remote Access Server (RAS) providing users a remote access to the internal network through modem connections over the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS).

With the raise of high bandwidth connections like Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable, using POTS for the remote access is getting obsolete, and users want a high bandwidth remote access. Using a secure VPN is a solution to this problem. There are numerous solutions from hardware to software that can enable secure remote access to your corporate data.

Securing this complex wireless environment is critical as today’s business users insist upon direct communication with their homes and offices while traveling. Anywhere anytime access has become a buzz term of the IT industry, however it must be safe for a business to allow wireless network access to their remote employees. It must also be safe enough for the remote employees themselves to use wireless hotspots to access your network.

With the availability of current Smartphone technology, picking up email on the go while also remotely accessing corporate data is essential for the majority of business users. 

Businesses not enabling VPN access could potentially lose more business as the remote employee is unable to connect to your data resources to make that transaction in a timely manner. Ensuring your staff has secure access from anywhere using their laptop or PDA is essential to business productivity. SLS Networks can assist you to provide secure, customizable access to your corporate network and applications by establishing an encrypted tunnel to your network whenever and wherever it’s needed, securely and cost-effectively. With these solutions, you can:
  • Enhance productivity by extending corporate network and applications
  • Reduce communications costs and increase flexibility
  • Provide access rights tailored to individual users, such as employees, contractors, and partners

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